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Our Team

Meet our Team of Flower Experts

Karen Hull
Karen Hull

I am a hard-working person who loves wide open spaces. So, as my retirement neared after a 25-year career as a senior administrator at UC Davis, it seemed only natural that I pursue something that would require me to work hard and be outdoors. From that seed, I hatched a radical plan for my post-retirement years — I would become a flower farmer.

This plan was “radical” because I had absolutely no experience as a farmer. I did, however, have a deep love of flowers (who doesn’t) having built an extensive garden at my home. I thought, what better way to put my business acumen to use than to create a business that was dedicated to something I loved.

I researched the flower market nationally and locally, and ultimately settled on growing peonies. The reason I chose peonies is because they are a specialty flower that is exceptional in every way. They are stunningly beautiful, deer and gopher resistant and quite hardy, even in our warm California summers.

I planted my first 65 peonies in 2010. My husband made the mistake of saying, “If these things live through the summer, you can have as many as you want.” Eight hundred and eighty five plants later, he rues the day he made that statement. But I am happy as a clam. I found my second calling.

Naming your farm is a big deal because once it’s set that’s it. I explored all kinds of names, but nothing stuck. Then one day as I was admiring the gorgeous, massive, sweet smelling peonies I had just cut, I said to the flowers, “Dang, you are absolutely the most bodacious blooms I have ever seen in my life!!” Bodacious Blooms was named and the rest is history.

Since my first planting of 65 peonies, we have added another 820 plants and expanded offerings to include ranunculus, ixia and snapdragons. We sell to the largest floral wholesaler in Sacramento, local floral designers and direct to consumers.

Being a small flower farmer is very rewarding. In addition to the pleasure I get from growing beautiful flowers and being connected to our natural environment, I love seeing the joy these flowers bring to others. Many of my flowers are bought as gifts. It is gratifying to be around people whose kindness is demonstrated through their generosity to others.

I also know that my success is dependent on my ability to deliver a product of consistently high quality. I never forget that my customers are spending their hard earned money and their satisfaction is of paramount importance to me and the Bodacious Blooms team.

So thank you for buying Bodacious Blooms. Your purchase is helping to support a woman-owned local business and fulfill a dream come true.

Kim Gillmore
Kim Gillmore
Floral Designer & Cutter

My name is Kim and I have the pleasure of being a flower cutter at Bodacious Blooms. I have been part of the floral industry for 25 years. In that time, I have been very fortunate to work alongside some wonderful people who have helped me develop a keen eye for design and a strong work ethic.

As a floral designer, I strive to never stop learning which is why I have chosen to work alongside Karen at Bodacious Blooms. I wanted to learn more about the farming side of the floral business.

At Bodacious Blooms, I use my eye as a floral designer to hand-select each flower that I cut. My years of experience in the floral industry help ensure that we are selecting flowers at the peak of perfection so they will make the most beautiful bouquets for our customers. I have thoroughly enjoyed my days on the farm. I find it very therapeutic just hanging out with the donkeys and listening to the bees buzzing about the blooms.

And the flowers…well simply said, they are off the charts beautiful!

Lori Thornton
Lori Thornton
Floral Designer & Cutter

My name is Lori Thornton and I am a flower cutter at Bodacious Blooms. My wonderful husband and I have lived in the beautiful foothills of Northern California for more than 40 years. Together we have three kids and six grandchildren.

I have always loved gardening and flowers. I dedicated many years of my professional career to the floral industry. I thoroughly enjoy working with flowers and love being creative as I make beautiful bouquets.

Soon after my retirement from the floral industry in 2016, it came to my attention that Bodacious Blooms’ business was growing to the point that they needed some help on their farm. I jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history. I have worked there for several years now. It’s always fun to go up to the gorgeous ranch, be surrounded by beautiful flowers, and get reacquainted with all the sweet donkeys that Karen has on the property.

I always look forward to harvesting Bodacious Blooms’ gorgeous peonies. They never disappoint!

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