Peony Roots

Let us help you bring the joy and excitement of peonies to your garden!

Whenever people talk to me about peonies they express their wish to grow them locally.  Many have tried and been met with disappointment.  Through my experience of growing almost 1,000 peonies in over 50 varieties, I have learned that some thrive in our mild climate while others do not perform as well.  In response to your requests, I have identified a select number of roots I am growing and that are hardy, floriforous and gorgeous in our California climate.

I have a limited supply, so place your peony root orders now for 2017!

Peony roots are shipped (at cost) between October 1  and 30, 2017.  For local orders (Auburn-Sacramento area), let’s discuss delivery options.  Email Karen at to place your order.  

Big Ben – The beautiful raspberry red bloom of Big Ben is a wonderful addition to any garden.  The blooms starts as a dark burgundy and gracefully turns a rich, jewel toned magenta as it matures.  These lovely flowers are held on strong stems and the foliage is a beautiful dark green.  The plant blooms late in the season and reaches 32”.  Limited availability.  $18 per root.



Coral N Gold — The delicate coral petals of ‘Coral ’n’ Gold’ are arranged in a double row, forming 6”, shallow bowls with a showy golden center. This fragrant peony, which is a standout in modern floral designs, is also the 2009 Award of Landscape Merit Winner from the American Peony Society. A delight in the early spring garden, this Japanese style peony has large, deep green leaves that nicely compliment this extraordinary flower. 36” height.   Limited availability.  $18  per root.


Coral Sunset – I love this coral peony with its abundance of petals, gorgeous color and lovely fragrance.  It’s also a favorite because Coral Sunset is one of the first to bloom and never fails to remind me why spring is such a fabulous time of year.   This peony starts as coral and turns to ivory as it ages.  It has a great vase life and is gorgeous every moment as it changes and opens. This is a vigorous plant that stands 32 + inches tall and is covered with spring blooms.  $24 per root.


Dr. Alexander Fleming — Named for Sir Alexander Fleming, the British scientist who discovered penicillin, this peony is noted for its sweet fragrance and full double flower form.  The rose-like buds are delightful from the start and the large rosy pink flowers fade to a lighter pink towards the edges.  These plants are tall and vigorous and the blooms make an outstanding cut flower. Blooms in the mid- to late-season and stands 34” tall.  $22 per root.



Dr. F.G. Brethour – If you are looking for a large, pure white peony, this could be the one for you.  The bloom’s fragrant, fully double form make for an excellent cut flower as well as gorgeous delight in the garden.  The plant, which reaches 34+ inches in height, is vigorous with beautiful dark green foliage.  $22 per root.



Gay Paree – This Japanese peony is a lovely lilac color with a soft pink, frilly center. The color combination is reminiscent of springtime and Easter. The bud starts out small and opens into a full and beautiful flower. Gay Paree is one of my most floriferous peonies. It is very hardy with long, strong stems and foliage that looks great throughout the growing season. It is a mid-season bloomer. 30” height. $16 per root


Krinkled White – This pure white, single peony is an adorable garden variety that brings a smile to your face.    The large, white flowers have a crepe-paper like appearance with sunny golden centers.  This peony received the Landscape Merit award in 2009.  It blooms mid-season and is 32” tall.  $18 per root.



Largo – “Wow!” is what you will say when you see the number of blooms on this lovely Japanese style peony.  Largo is extremely floriforous with blooms that frequently reach 6 or more inches in diameter.   It starts blooming mid-season and keeps flowering until the end of the season.  Although the stems are long and strong, because of the abundance of large flowers, Largo benefits from support.  34” Tall.  $16 per root 



Minuet – What a beauty!  This fully double, soft pink peony is very large and fragrant too.  This is an exceptionally large plant reaching 36 or more inches in height with beautiful green foliage to the ground.  It has excellent plant habit and long, strong stems.  Requires staking in the garden.  $22 per root.


Salmon Beauty – This unusual peony bloom has opaque stripes set in its soft pink petals.  The buds start small and open into a striking fully double frilly blooms.  This smaller peony (26”) sits well at the front of the landscape.  It is one of the first pinks to bloom and has lovely green foliage.  $20 per root.


Sarah Bernhardt – Such a spectacular, worldwide favorite and no wonder why!   When we think of classic peonies with a mass of ruffled petals, soft, lovely color and heavenly fragrance, Sarah Berhardt could easily be the peony we imagine.   You can’t beat the huge, fragrant soft pink blooms Sarah Berhardt produces in the latter part of the season.  This standout in the garden reaches 36″ in height.  The stems on this peony may benefit from a garden support to keep the large blooms erect on the plant.  $16


Sea Shell – This peony reminds me of sunshine and happiness on a stem.  It is light and airy in form and the blooms are huge, often 8 or more inches in diameter.  The flowers are held high on long, strong stems.  This mid-season bloomer  is a cheerful flower that looks great in a vase or on the plant.  36” height.  $16 per root.



Sword Dance – If you enjoy the look of Japanese peonies, you will love Sword Dance, with its bright magenta-red coloring and striking staminodes streaked with red.  This dramatic peony looks outstanding in the garden and amazing in a vase.  Blooms mid-season and stands 32” tall.  $18 per root.