Florists/Floral Designers

Farm Fresh Peonies & Ranunculus


I work in partnership with Flora Fresh to deliver my flowers to florists in the greater Sacramento region.  Upon being cut and processed, my flowers are stored in a large, walk-in refrigerator.  Flora Fresh picks up flowers from my refrigerator multiple times per week based on their customer needs.  Because the flowers move so quickly from farm to Flora Fresh to individual florists, you can be assured of the flower quality and freshness.  Together, Flora Fresh and Bodacious Blooms are committed to providing you with the highest quality peonies and ranunculus.

If you have questions about specific colors, availability, etc. please contact Flora Fresh at (916) 927-9767.  If you have questions about my farm, flowers, planting practices, etc, please contact me at or on my cell phone at (530) 219-8506.

Ranunculus are available from late March through early May.

Peonies are available from early April through mid-May.