Our Flowers

Highest Quality Flowers

At Bodacious Blooms, we offer over 40 varieties of peonies and 20 types of ranunculus.

Pink Bouquet

The peonies are grown from the highest quality root stock, which yield large, vibrant, long-stemmed flowers.  We offer double, semi-double, Japanese and single varieties in white, pink, red/purple and coral.

Peonies are available from early April through Mid-May






Introducing Imported Italian Cloni Ranunculus

Biancheri LavenderWe also are pleased to offer ranunculus grown from imported Italian Biancheri stock — the very best in the world of ranunculus.  We offer spectacular Cloni Success, Cloni Pon-Pon and Elegance Ranunculus.  Biancheri Italian ranunculus are world-renowned for their large, fully opening flowers, strong stems and long vase life.

Ranunculus are available from mid-March through Mid-April





Sustainable Growing Practices

Ranch3We pride ourselves in providing you with the freshest, highest quality flowers which are grown in a responsible manner that respects the environment. This includes no tilling of soil, and use of organic fertilizers, solar powered drip irrigation, and hoeing for weed management.







Fresh to Market

Picture of Ranunculus HanoiFlowers are refrigerated immediately after cutting and delivered quickly to market. Both peonies and ranunculus are known for their long shelf life. The local production and care combined with long shelf life mean that you will get the greatest value from your dollars spent.