Ranunculus…A Miracle of Nature

Bridal Bouquet - WhiteBodacious Blooms features ranunculus from the Italian grower Biancheri.  We offer the spectacular Cloni Success, Cloni Pon-Pon and Elegance Ranunculus.  The Biancheri family has been growing and refining their ranunculus selection for decades and has become world-renowned for the quality, color,  size and vase-life of their ranunculus.







Hanoi 2

Brilliantly colored ranunculus, also known as Persian Buttercups, are enveloped in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paperthin petals that create the image of a European masterpiece. These heavily ruffled flowers are available in a rainbow of colors ranging from delicate pastels of pink, salmon, lavender and cream to bright shades of red, yellow, orange and purple. Ranunculus are popular wedding flowers, as they are cost-effective, showy, and long lasting as cut flowers.   They combine wonderfully with peonies.






Bodacious Blooms ranunculus are available from mid-March through mid-April.


Photos of Biancheri Italian Ranunculus

Biancheri Lavender

Biancheri Rosa Chiaro

Hot pink Elegance

Biancheri Pink & White2

Biancheri Silente

cream 2

Giallo 3