Perfect Peonies Offered in Over 40 Varieties

Bodacious Blooms peonies are available from early April through mid-May


Flamboyant, extravagant, voluptuous, dreamy and beautiful are all adjectives used to describe peonies.  This spectacular flower rightly deserves her coronation as “Queen of the Garden.”  Bodacious Blooms peonies range in color from deep rich crimson to vibrant purple to every imaginable shade of pink.  Peonies are also available in soft cream, pure white, and sumptuous coral.


Festiva MaximaDouble peonies are classic, voluptuous, commanding beauties that are highly sought after for wedding bouquets.

  • White varieties available include Festiva Maxima, Shirley Temple, Gardenia, Charlie’s White, Lancaster Imp, and Nick Shaylor.
  • Pink varieties include Raspberry Sundae, Eden’s Perfume, Sarah Bernhardt, Monsieur Jules Elie, Pillow Talk, Dresden Pink, and La Donna.
  • Red/Purple varieties include: Red Charm, Carol, Henry Bockstoce, Karl Rosenfield, Kansas, Big Ben, Paul Wild and Dr. Alexander Fleming.
  • Coral includes Pink Hawaiian Coral.




Coral Charm 3 - CopySemi-Double peonies are large blooms that evoke an artistic sense of beauty and grace.

Available varieties include: Coral Charm, Coral Sunset,  Coral Supreme, Paula Fay (hot pink) and Ms. America (white).





Gorgeous, full and openJapanese varieties are elegant, dramatic peonies that immediately attract the eye.

Available varieties include Charles Burgess, Sword Dance, Gay Paree, Barrington Belle and Largo.  Colors include burgundy, lavender, bright pink and soft pink.





BlazeSingle peonies are spectacular in their simplicity and light, airy form.

Available varieties include Blaze, Coral N Gold, Krinkled White and Sea Shell.  Colors include cherry-red, white, soft pink and coral.









Bodacious Blooms peonies are available from early April through mid-May.